Partner with GSM Transport Co. for reliable, cost-​effective transportation solutions tailored to your specific needs



GSM Transport Co. 

Adapting to your needs, delivering with reliability 

Expertise in Overweight Hauling 

With our fully equipped trucks and necessary permits, we handle overweight loads with finesse 

Managing Transport Costs 

We optimize your transportation expenses while ensuring on-​budget deliveries 

Timely, Helpful Service 

Our passionate team provides timely and attentive service at competitive rates 

We Treat Your Equipment Like Our Own 

Your freight is entrusted to our caring hands 

Diversified Fleet 

Our extensive fleet can tackle any shipment, big or small 

Servicing Chicagoland, Midwest, and Beyond 

We’re your dependable transportation partner throughout the region 

Specializing in Overweight Loads 

Heavy hauls are our specialty 

Winter Reliability 

We deliver even in harsh winter conditions 

Experienced Drivers 

Our skilled drivers navigate with expertise, ensuring your shipments arrive safely 

Secure Transportation 

Your freight is safeguarded with our rigorous safety protocols 

Committed to Customer Satisfaction 

We prioritize your satisfaction every step of the way