Customer Service Rep.

Job Description

The individual will be a liaison between drayage operations team and the customer.  The Customer Service Rep. will support all aspects of the operation as necessary, at times also handling calls with drivers looking for information or waiting to talk to dispatch

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Respond to phone and e‑mail rate or booking requests from clients, partners, agents, or outside sales representatives.
  • Work with the customers, the operations team, truck brokers and asset-​based carriers to book and schedule pick ups/​deliveries.
  • Closely track milestones in transit for all loads active in the system.
  • Utilize various tools to obtain, calculate, and provide rate quotes to customers and prospects.
  • Other duties include but are not limited to answering phones, mailing out original documents, and assisting with general office operations as needed.

To perform the job successfully, an individual must be able to:

  • Have a good knowledge of customer service techniques.
  • Manage difficult customer and/​or operational situations.
  • Respond promptly to customers and carrier’s needs.
  • Solicit customer feedback to improve service.
  • Basic knowledge of and desire for sales
  • Respond to requests for service and assistance professionally.
  • Speak clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations.
  • Seek to turn negative situations into positive outcomes
  • Listen intently and seek clarification if there is any confusion
  • Respond positively to all questions and inquiries.
  • Write clearly and informatively.
  • Present numerical data effectively.
  • Read and interpret written information.
  • Balance team and individual responsibilities effectively.
  • Give and welcome feedback.
  • Contribute to building a positive team spirit.
  • Follow policies and procedures.
  • Complete administrative tasks correctly and on time.
  • Support organization’s goals and values.


  • Must have 1–3 years transportation experience with trucking, logistics and/​or steamship lines.
  • Must be familiar with trucking and transportation concepts. Examples: load tenders, booking loads, BOL’s, equipment types and reservations, and load weights
  • College degree preferred

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